Revealing eating disorders

As professional, licensed counsellors, we never stop learning. It’s part of our responsibility in supporting clients through counselling, to continually seek out and review new information that could be useful in therapy.

Having personally never had the opportunity to work with someone struggling with eating disorders before, I was keen to connect with Corine Corriveau, who is striving to bring awareness to the battles raging with body image in our society.

Covering up her addictions became a way of life for Corine, as she struggled with the same challenges many girls face growing up in a world of unrealistic expectations. It was a privilege when Corine recently came to The Care Centre to meet with our counsellors, to provide us with her invaluable account of coming through – what worked and what didn’t – as she built a defensive wall around her behavioural experimentations to conform to the norms of a perfect body.

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Corine’s obsession to be extremely thin started as a teenager and grew into 15 years’ worth of deceiving others and herself that the self loathing, the dangerous practices and the pain were all normal in order to control how she looked. To be small enough, good enough in the eyes of the world, worthy enough…Corine lost herself. Finding herself again, she has a deep desire to reach out to others suffering with similar addictions and give voice to their needs:

“I share my story because within my journey I discovered all the challenges of being a woman, and being a person, and I know that under what we show to each other we are all the same. I wish to create awareness about eating disorder and help in its comprehension. And I also wish to create awareness on the devastating consequences of the beauty myth and body image pressure on woman in today’s society.”

Corine reveals more about her story at The Lip Lounge.

At The Care Centre we continue to seek out opportunities to bring awareness to important issues, while staying in tune with our own need to learn and grow therapeutically.

Kristina Sohal

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