The Care Centre has its beginnings in some very bad weather. In January 2004, MaryAnne Connor, or Mac as she is known to everyone, grew concerned about the people she noticed living on the streets during a terrible snowstorm. Connor approached Pastor Steen Larsen of the Gentle Shepherd, a Whalley-based street church, and asked whether he would keep the church open overnight as a shelter. “He proceeded to drop the keys into my hand and said he would agree, provided I was responsible.”

Mac felt more than a little overwhelmed. “I just thought it was a good idea – someone should do something – but not me,” she said. “So, all of a sudden I had his keys and I couldn’t say no. How could I?” Little did she realize that Larsen’s simple act ignited a passion for helping others that was so strong, Mac characterizes it today as part of her DNA. Mac remembers, “About the second night the Lord really broke my heart, because I realized the people I was meeting were people just like you and me.”

What began as a temporary, overnight solution turned into NightShift, a non-profit society named after Mac’s all-nighters at the Gentle Shepherd Church. Today, NightShift offers love, hope, and purpose to those in need through a number of outreach services, including hot meals and free clothing, 365 days each year. NightShift functions without government funding and relies on the generosity of a small army of volunteers and donors from the business, faith, and non-faith communities.

NightShift is more than a soup kitchen, however. NightShift is also in the restoration business. Mac’s original vision included a holistic approach to healing, recovery, and wellness that she called a continuum of care. One part of this continuum is The Care Centre, where counselling for emotional, spiritual, and relational healing is provided by licensed professionals who use a variety of therapeutic approaches. The centre opened its doors in 2010.

At the Care Centre, confidential counselling is available for individuals and groups from all economic and cultural backgrounds, faiths, and belief systems. Our counsellors work on a sliding scale. No one in need, regardless of their financial means, is ever turned away. The centre operates during regular business hours, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Appointments during evening hours and weekends may also be arranged with individual counsellors. We are located at 10635 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC.

So, please contact us to arrange for an appointment and begin your journey toward healing and wholeness.