Counselling Approach

At The Care Centre we utilize an eclectic approach to counselling, which matches client needs and counsellor specialties. These approaches may include:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Recognizing the link between what we think and what we do is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Together with your therapist you will seek to discover automatic thoughts and faulty assumptions that get in the way of your abilities or that produce harmful behaviours. You will have the opportunity to learn and implement new and healthy thought processes and actions.

Family Systems Therapy

This therapy focus is on the individual as part of the family, and how the whole system is affected if one member of the family changes. “Family” may be your family of origin, your current family and/or relationships. In family systems therapy your therapist will guide you to examine your family system and how it has influenced your current behaviours and relationships. Your therapist will guide you to discover ways of honouring your past while embracing your full potential in current and future behaviours and relationships.

Prayer Counselling

Prayer Counselling is based on the premise that our current presenting issues are rooted in past experiences, impressions and pain. Your counsellor will facilitate and guide you in prayer with Jesus, the “Wonderful Counsellor” of Isaiah 9:6. Through listening prayer you will be released from past negative conclusions that you have come to believe about yourself due to past experiences, impressions and pain. You are not only released, but also set free to embrace the truth of Jesus Christ spiritually, cognitively and physically.

Prepare Enrich Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Enrich Canada

Through a secure and confidential online inventory that you and your spouse or partner complete independently, your counsellor will help you determine the strengths and areas of growth in your relationship. Whether you are dating, engaged, married or separated, this Enrich inventory will give you a template for understanding your relationship and give you tools to build a stronger relationship.

Mental Health Pros Web Portal

Mental Health Pros websiteA number of our counsellors are members of the Mental Health Pros online resource. This secure, password-protected web portal will allow you to access resources that will complement your therapy sessions with your counsellor. The website also allows you to confidentially communicate with your therapist via a secure online journal.